Red Button Escape Rooms: Web Design & Branding

In 2020 I had the opportunity to work with Red Button Escape Rooms, a new start up at the time located in southern Florida. I helped them with a lot of their Graphics and branding resources when they were first getting started. While they were hard at work building their physical escape rooms, I built their website utilizing WordPress, and produced 3D renders of their logo, and graphics that would be printed and applied to their walls. They loved the way their website turned out, and they continue to utilize the same design to this day.

Perhaps my favorite part in this was designing the wall design to be used outside of their Mayan Temple escape room. I used a handful of stock images and imposed them all together with Adobe Photoshop, and adjusted the coloring to make a solid cohesive design, that looks great and serves as a backdrop for their customers taking pictures in their lobby area.