Author: Marcus


Restoration Ophthalmics T-Shirt Design Illustrations

Restoration Ophthalmics engaged me to create T-shirt design illustrations for their upcoming trade show. Their concept revolved around a phoropter illustration styled to look like


The Endangered Branding

In crafting the logo for the NFT project Gorilla Face, my aim was to encapsulate a fusion of cyberpunk aesthetics while paying homage to personal


Super Cats

Imagine a world where superheroes don whiskers and capes are replaced with tails—a delightful experiment that became a passion project of mine. Serving as the

Character Design

Megadeth Digital NFT Collection

In August 2022, during an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, David Mustaine teased an upcoming NFT collection by Megadeth. Having already established a presence within



What does it mean to love God? How can I love somebody I don’t know? I have no face to recall, no memories to replay.

Motion Graphics

YouTuber- Video Production / Public Speaking

Over the past 4 years, my journey as a YouTuber has been nothing short of transformative. From humble beginnings to reaching 10k subscribers, I’ve experienced


Always Show Up

Last week, I had a rather intimate encounter with a boulder, leaving me banged up and with 7 stitches. Since leaving my full-time job 2