Wasteland Cactus Crew NFT Collection: Support Artwork

I contributed support artwork to the NFT collection “Wasteland Cactus Crew.” My involvement began with creating a few “fan art” pieces, which were derivatives from their collection. These pieces caught the attention of the founders, leading to them hiring me to create several illustrations and further designs for the project.

Artistic Contribution

The illustrations I created were used to expand on the lore and storytelling of the Wasteland Cactus Crew brand. This project allowed me to delve into their unique character designs and contribute to the development of their narrative universe.

Project Challenges and Outcome

Although Wasteland Cactus Crew had a promising start, the project faced challenges in engaging with their community and growing into a fully fruitful endeavor. Ultimately, the founders decided to pivot and move on to other projects. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working on Wasteland Cactus Crew and found the character designs particularly inspiring.


Working on Wasteland Cactus Crew was a rewarding experience, despite the project’s challenges. The opportunity to contribute to their lore and storytelling helped me grow as an artist and storyteller, and the positive reception to my fan art and commissioned pieces was a testament to the impact of my work.


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