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Crypto Batz “Ancients” Collection: Featured Artist

I had the honor of being commissioned as a featured artist for the Crypto Batz “Ancients” collection, the official NFT collection of Ozzy Osbourne. This prestigious project allowed me to contribute a couple of pieces to the collection and provide support as a creative advisor.

Artistic Contribution

As a featured artist, I had the creative liberty to produce unique pieces that would stand out within the “Ancients” collection. My contributions were designed to capture the essence of the collection while adding my distinctive artistic flair.

Creative Advisory Role

In addition to creating art, I also offered support as a creative advisor. This role involved collaborating with other artists and the Crypto Batz team to ensure the overall aesthetic and thematic coherence of the collection.

Success and Impact

The “CryptoBatz” collection has been incredibly successful, achieving a trade volume of over 17,453 ETH, which translates to more than 65 million dollars. Being part of such a high-profile and successful project was a remarkable experience, showcasing my work to a wide audience and contributing to a notable piece of NFT history.


It was an honor to be featured in the “Ancients” collection and to be part of its journey. This experience not only allowed me to showcase my skills on a grand stage but also to collaborate with some of the best in the industry, further establishing my presence in the NFT art world.


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