Always Show Up

Last week, I had a rather intimate encounter with a boulder, leaving me banged up and with 7 stitches. Since leaving my full-time job 2 years ago for the unpredictable world of creative entrepreneurship, challenges have been a constant companion. The journey in both life and business is riddled with unpredictable highs and lows. Whether facing the aftermath of an unexpected accident or navigating the challenges of being self-employed, I’ve learned one pivotal lesson: it’s not the setbacks we encounter, but the unwavering commitment to show up, despite them, that truly defines our journey.

Facing a room of aspiring teen entrepreneurs looking a bit “Quasimodo”-esque gave me pause. It wasn’t just the event; I felt the pull to step back from my entrepreneurial duties altogether. Yet, despite the hesitations, Saturday Morning I was there, sharing, teaching, and leading. Life and business will test your resolve constantly. Whatever you commit to — be it in business or life — always show up.


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