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The Endangered Branding

In crafting the logo for the NFT project Gorilla Face, my aim was to encapsulate a fusion of cyberpunk aesthetics while paying homage to personal milestones and philosophical concepts close to my heart. Drawing inspiration from my first graphic design job at ‘Purple Gorilla Graphics’ during the early days of my marriage, I chose to honor that chapter by rendering the gorilla in a regal shade of purple. The incorporation of cyberpunk elements adds a futuristic flair to the design, symbolizing the project’s innovative spirit. The two circles positioned above and below the E in the logo serve as visual representations of contrasting influences or polarities. One circle embodies positivity, while the other represents negativity, reflecting the perpetual struggle inherent in the human experience—the eternal battle between light and dark, instant gratification versus delayed rewards. As a designer, it was essential for me to imbue the logo with these deeper meanings, resonating with themes of personal growth, resilience, and the pursuit of long-term fulfillment over fleeting pleasures.


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