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Cupcake Brand / Website Illustrations & Mascot Design

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Cupcake to design and develop their mascots. The project entailed creating two distinct versions of the same character: a cute and nice version, and a “beast mode,” monster version. This duality was intended to capture the playful and dynamic essence of the Cupcake brand.

Concept Development

To kick off the project, I produced numerous character concepts to help narrow down Cupcake’s preferences. This exploratory phase was crucial in defining a character that would resonate with their brand identity and appeal to their target audience.

Final Character Design

Once we honed in on the desired look and feel, I finalized the character design, ensuring it captured the essence of both the cute and beast mode personas. This character became the face of Cupcake, embodying the brand’s versatility and unique appeal.

Illustrations for Web and Merch

With the character defined, I illustrated a series of images to be featured on Cupcake’s website, aligning with their services and copy. These illustrations were crafted to enhance the user experience and visually communicate the brand’s message. Additionally, I created vector versions of both mascots for use on t-shirts and merchandise, providing scalable and high-quality graphics suitable for various applications.


The collaboration with Cupcake was immensely successful. The team was thrilled with the results, and the mascots have since become an integral part of their brand identity. Working with Cupcake was a delightful experience, and I’m proud of the creative solutions we developed together.

Cupcake is a licensed educator and partner of Tik Tok


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