Restoration Ophthalmics T-Shirt Design Illustrations

Restoration Ophthalmics engaged me to create T-shirt design illustrations for their upcoming trade show. Their concept revolved around a phoropter illustration styled to look like it was painted on a brick wall in a graffiti style. This edgy, urban aesthetic was intended to make a bold statement and attract attention at the event.

Concept Development

The client had already generated a handful of concept images using AI to nail down their vision. They then brought me on board to create a final, polished illustration that would bring their concept to life. This process involved making the illustration more readable and refined while maintaining the original graffiti-inspired style.

Iterative Design Process

We collaborated closely, iterating through several versions of the design. This back-and-forth allowed us to fine-tune the details and ensure the final product met both the client’s expectations and the technical requirements for printing on fabric.

Final Design and Application

The resulting design was a striking, graffiti-style phoropter that effectively combined the client’s vision with my artistic touch. This design will be printed on T-shirts for the Restoration Ophthalmics team to wear at the trade show, as well as for giveaways. The unique and eye-catching shirts will help establish their brand presence and position them as the go-to experts for phoropter restoration.


Both Restoration Ophthalmics and I were very pleased with the final design. The T-shirts are not only a functional piece of trade show apparel but also a powerful branding tool that communicates the company’s innovative approach and expertise in their field.


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